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Weight loss weekly update #2

Week one -4lbs
Week two -0lbs

No weight loss this week, I'm not worried about it though. Our grocery trip was greatly delayed, I didn't end up going shopping until 2 days ago! So I will be skipping the menu plan this week. I will have one next Friday. I got a Wii Fit a few days ago and have been working out on it for an hour a day. My girls love it too, they're only 4 and 2 but it's cute! My 4 year old has always loved running, so she does great on that one! I'm sure I'm gaining muscle since I hardly ever worked out before! Come on before babies body! Almost 2 months left until my only sibling's wedding!

1 comment:

  1. Sometime's the weight will even increase if you gain muscles so don't worry about that. I love wii fit!! i have one back home i should get one here lol. good luck on your quest!!