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Hilarious 4 year old thoughts...

I asked my 4 year old daughter, "Do you want a pink baby or a blue baby?" She responded quickly, "A black one!" OMG, hilarious! I don't think she'll get that one... of course she's too young to know what that really means but classic.

16 week doctor's appointment and BIG ultrasound scheduled!

I went to the doctor's yesterday for my 16 week appointment, very uneventful. They took my blood, which made me woosy. The baby's heart beat was 152 BPM, which is lower than it has been but still great. No ultrasound this time no matter how hard I tried. I gained a pound in the past month which is great, at least I'm not losing anymore! At first they scheduled my big gender ultrasound for the 16th of August, but I called back this morning and got them to change it to the 9th at 9! So excited! What do you think, boy or girl?

What should I name the baby? Votes needed!

I have set up 2 baby name polls. I haven't discussed any of them with my husband! And he probably won't like any of them anyways :), maybe we'll get lucky! Please vote, I need advice and opinions!

Girl poll- CLICK HERE

Boy poll- CLICK HERE


I just weighed myself for the first time since my doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago, I'm down 3 more pounds. So that makes my total weight lost since getting pregnant at 15 pounds. I'm 15.5 weeks now and am eating lots. I've never lost any weight during pregnancy and have a really hard time losing it when I want to. With my last 2 pregnancies I gained approx 45 pounds with each. So, this weight loss really worries me. My doctor had said if I lose any more weight at my next appointment that they would have to check my thyroid. I guess there may be a bright side in a kind of twisted way, I'm 8 pounds heavier than my pre-any babies weight from 5 years ago....

Cute photography props for newborns

Today I thought I'd showcase a few of the really cute photo props found on since being pregnant again there's nothing better than those newborn pictures.

This one makes an awesome photo prop. Making one purchase can produce such different and beautiful pictures. This is the Fisherman's Sling from Country Knit Cocoon

I love the way that this prop give a womb look. Very cute, and the twins always help :). This is the Hand Knit Bowl from Milk Money by Sonia

This one reminds me of snow. Prefect for a winter baby, like mine ;) Very beautiful and different. It is the Rock the Cradle Fringe Hammock by Custom Photo Props They have loads of cute ideas.
This is beautiful! Prefect for the modest family, you can still see the squished baby look with out being completely exposed. It is the Hand Knit Lacy Baby Wrap by Milk Money by Sonia
This one is my favorite. Maybe it's just the cute pose that the baby has and those squishy cheeks. It's only a pattern, not the actual product. It's by Inner Hooker.
This hat is adorable. I've noticed the animal ears are very popular these days. This is the Infant Tiny Bear Hat by PhylPhil
Very cute hat for a little girl. Bigger is always better when it comes to girl accessories. This is the Long Tassel Pixie by Sweet Love Creates.

LOADS of giveaways ending tomorrow!!

The two of a kind blog had tons of giveaways ending tomorrow, here's the list :)

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Complete blog makeover giveaway!

Head over to April Showers blog design and sign up to win a complete blog makeover ending on the 10th of July!

Guess the baby's birth stats!

Come guess the baby's birth stats! I have put my history about our previous babies to make it a little easier to guess! It'll be fun to see who's correct!!