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Cute photography props for newborns

Today I thought I'd showcase a few of the really cute photo props found on since being pregnant again there's nothing better than those newborn pictures.

This one makes an awesome photo prop. Making one purchase can produce such different and beautiful pictures. This is the Fisherman's Sling from Country Knit Cocoon

I love the way that this prop give a womb look. Very cute, and the twins always help :). This is the Hand Knit Bowl from Milk Money by Sonia

This one reminds me of snow. Prefect for a winter baby, like mine ;) Very beautiful and different. It is the Rock the Cradle Fringe Hammock by Custom Photo Props They have loads of cute ideas.
This is beautiful! Prefect for the modest family, you can still see the squished baby look with out being completely exposed. It is the Hand Knit Lacy Baby Wrap by Milk Money by Sonia
This one is my favorite. Maybe it's just the cute pose that the baby has and those squishy cheeks. It's only a pattern, not the actual product. It's by Inner Hooker.
This hat is adorable. I've noticed the animal ears are very popular these days. This is the Infant Tiny Bear Hat by PhylPhil
Very cute hat for a little girl. Bigger is always better when it comes to girl accessories. This is the Long Tassel Pixie by Sweet Love Creates.


  1. Wow, that was so sweet of you to include my fringe hammock in white gold! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for adding my sling to this post!
    What a lovely blog!
    Country Knit Cocoon